{BlogHer 2012} Social Good, Swag, Celebrity Haters & my mid-life crisis confirmed

Bear with me, I’m going to do a recap of my day at BlogHer, and I’ll try to be brief but want to put it all in one post. First, a bit of background. Earlier this summer, I turned 42. I think it triggered a mild mid-life crisis. Luckily, I haven’t purchased a sports car or anything, though I did paint my toenails bright blue which is different for me. It started with the thought of actually being firmly “in my 40s.” I know age is just a number and I do love my life, I just would prefer to be living how I am now, but be in my 30s, say 32? Does that make sense?

Two things recently exacerbated this anxiety. One is that I was reading a magazine article about ob/gyn issues, and it pretty much stated “Any woman who is 42 or over is going to need assistance if they want to have a baby.” Hmph. Mind you, if I was pregnant right now, you’d all be talking me down off a bridge. I am DONE. But I just don’t want to be told I’m too old to have kids. I already know this, don’t need you to tell me. Being told that basically your child-bearing years are over-not fun.

The other thing is that my 3-year-old has finally started using the potty. And at least 10 times a day he says “Mommy, I’m not a little boy anymore, I’m a big kid!” Sigh. So cute and innocent. He has no idea he’s sucker-punching me in the stomach every time he says it. Don’t rush things, k? Because you are my last kid, my last baby, and the time is going by too fast. Anyway, that’s the background on my vulnerable state (as it pertains to discussing my age) as we head to New York City for BlogHer 12.

Bloganthropy & Social Good: My reason for going

The whole reason I was going was that (yay!) I was nominated and made it to a finalist for the Bloganthropy Blogger of the Year Awards. These awards recognize women who are using their blog and social media for social good. This is a peer award, not a voting contest, so it means a lot.

bloganthropy finalists
From left: Debbie Bookstaber from Bloganthropy, me, @ColoradoMom, @UnspokenGrief and @KristinBrite from Cora’s Story.

The session was just amazing–to be listed amongst those awesome moms and bloggers who have made a difference, very inspiring. Please go check them out, as all of their sites are fantastic resources.

Celebrities and Haters

Because this is the largest blogging conference in the country, and it’s in NYC, celebrities come-usually as spokespeople for a brand or product. Actually, President Obama spoke to the crowd on Thursday (I went on Friday) via video chat which is amazing. Finally blogging, and more specifically female and mom-bloggers, are getting their just due.

I met Kate Gosselin.

kate plus 8 coupon cabin blogher
Kate + 8 and me, she’s a spokesperson for Coupon Cabin.

She was very nice in person. We chatted about running and how I once ran the Phoenix Marathon and got beat by the guy in the banana suit from Jamba Juice. He was at BlogHer too. I didn’t pose for a picture with him.

Anyway, I took that photo with Instagram on my Xoom, which is what I was doing all day. Since it’s Instagram, it went to Facebook and Twitter and I tagged Kate on Twitter. Well, jeezy peezy….you cannot imagine the crazy people haters she has following her! These people bullies create Twitter accounts just to hate on her. Instantly I was deluged with all these nasty tweets about her and me….delete block delete block, go to bed. Woke up to find more. Delete, block, delete, block some more…..checked a few hours later and yep, more! And now they were tweeting messages like “You can block us all you want, we’ll still find you.” What is it about her that inspires such anger and hate? I’ve never seen anything like it! I receive the occasional negative comment on here or my Facebook page, but this takes internet bullying to a whole new level. Get a life, people! How sad is it that you are focusing so much negative energy on this?

I also met this guy.

guy who dresses as sun for jimmy dean blogher
Have you ever met the Sun? @JimmyDean

And, since it was Instagram, I also tweeted his picture. Far as I can tell, he doesn’t have any haters.

I’ll have a swag bag with a side of irony please.

At blogging events, there are always tons of freebies (or swag) given out. Being the biggest blogging conference, BlogHer is known for it’s swag. Even small time bloggers like me get decent stuff. The best bag of stuff came from CVS Minute Clinics. I love those places and really do use them. Seriously, ask the people I work with–I’m always telling people to go there. But their swag bag had tons of stuff I will use. Including this new hair mask called Nuance, by Selma Hayek. I’ve used it twice already. My hair is drying out and changing texture, which apparently comes with age. Thus, bringing me more anxiety towards getting older. But for now, this hair mask is helping my hair, and therefore my anxiety.

Second best was Zondervan. They are a Christian publishing company, and my friend Heather said “Please look for them and see if they’re giving anything away to review.” So I did. And they were. If you let them scan your BlogHer badge (and I did) you could pick out AS MANY BOOKS AS YOU WANTED. And they had a small library set up. I couldn’t get a hold of Heather to find out what she wanted, so I asked the Zondervan ladies for assistance. They recommended two bibles, one for her 4-year-old and one for her boys. I also picked up a book for her called Green Mama or something like that. Did I mention that the train station is about 20 blocks from the convention hotel? Yeah, I had a 40+ block walk, in 90+ degree heat…carrying two heavy bibles. The irony? I’m not Christian. (And now let the record show that I am not an angry atheist either; er, angry agnostic. Because angry people don’t carry heavy bibles for friends. Did you know that atheists are the most hated group in this country?) Anyway, if *you* are Christian and read books, go check out Zondervan.

And, an interesting tidbit about swag bags: Guess which brand was completely CLEANED OUT of their swag bags by 11 am? EdenFantasys.

PR #FAIL and my mid-life crisis confirmed.

One of the reasons bloggers go to BlogHer is to connect with brands, to possibly develop working relationships. I went to the Expo Hall with this thought in the back of my head, though it was not my main goal. I got chatty with a few companies I thought would be a good fit for Shoes, and just tried to be polite and pass out my business card.


A funny thing happened on my way to the Expo Hall though…..One of the main sponsors, Pfizer, had their booth set up outside. On your way in, they stopped you and asked you, “How do you feel about getting older?” Seriously, they asked me that, like they were reading my mind! See–


getting older blogher
Visit GetOld.com.

They were pushing a new initiative called GetOld.com, and they want people to participate. Needless to say, I answered with “uneasy” and then was giving an orange sticky note. I was to write down what I felt uneasy about. How many sticky notes you got, pal?

Once in the Expo Hall, I meandered from booth to booth, and came upon a very purple booth. Their signs said “the second talk” or something like that. So I asked, “What is the second talk?” to which a cute young thing answered “Menopause.” I muttered (louder than I had planned) “Hmph, at 42, I’m not that far away from it…” and again, the cute young thing says, “I know! My mom is 48, and she just started having hot flashes.”


Thanks for confirming that I am in fact quite possibly justĀ  a few years away from menopause, combined with the knowledge that I am old enough to be your mother. Now I’m just thinking of a polite way to exit and she’s trying to explain these things they sell, so that your lady-parts don’t have an offensive odor. Great, I’m old, reaching menopause, you’re young enough to be my daughter and quite possibly my hoo-hah has an offensive odor. That’s your sales pitch?? Got anything else? She did. She led me over to a phone bank, it looked like 4 pay phones, they were purple. She picked up the receiver of one and started touching a screen in front of it. “Do you want to hear some women talk about menopause?” No, no I don’t.

#PRFail Definitely not a good fit for my blogs.

Ok, well I am over 1500 words at this point, so I will wrap it up. It was a lovely day, walking through NYC, even if I was loaded down. In other news, I have lost a few pounds. Times Square was mobbed! It made me miss my kids, because they would love the M&M store and all that stuff. I saw the Naked Cowboy, myself on the big screen in Times Square and a few other must-dos. Didn’t get the award, but it was a great day overall. Thanks again to all my readers for making it possible!

NYC blogher
I always love having a reason to go to NYC!

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