30 Best Facebook Disability Groups for Parents.

facebook disability groups

Special Needs Groups on Facebook (for parents)

Can you believe that Facebook has been around for 10 years? It has completely revolutionized parenting among other things. I still think of my friend Maryann, and how she tells me that back in the 1970s she waited by the mail box for disability newsletters. Now we get it in an instant!

My Facebook group has completely changed how I blog. It has helped me reach so many more thousands of parents. Before, parents would email me a question, I would answer it, publish the blog post…it took forever! Now they can ask in the group and we can post links explaining the issue.

Of course I LOVE my IEP Facebook group, but there are lots of great ones out there. I asked my group members what other groups they like and this is what they shared.

Facebook Group Etiquette

  • Look for posted rules or guidelines. These will be under the group description or as a pinned post to the top of the group.
  • Before participating, take a look around and scroll. See what the “vibe” is before jumping in.
  • Use the ‘search’ feature which is on the left hand side before asking a question. It may have been discussed ad nauseum already and people may not want to answer it again.
  • In most cases, unless specified otherwise, self promotion is frowned upon. If you are just joining groups to promote yourself or your business, you likely will be booted out.
  • If your question/comment/post is deleted, don’t come back posting again and asking why. Send a message to the group admin(s) and ask. Go to group members—>admin.
  • In most cases, the group admins are not paid and are doing this on their free time. Your participation and benefits from the group are also likely free…just something to keep in mind.
  • When you join, Facebook will tell you whether or not the group is active. No point in joining a boring group.

Keep in mind, I actually join very few other special needs groups, because people ask IEP questions and it could be a 24-7 thing, just answering IEP questions. So, I have not vetted these other groups. Enter at your own risk!

Special Needs Groups on Facebook

Why are these the best groups on Facebook? Well, because the recommendations came from the best–the parents in my group. Of course, I’ve been in lots of groups that just weren’t a great fit for me. So, you have to try them out and see.

special needs facebook group

Here are parent recommended special needs and disability Facebook groups…in no particular order. Except the first one. It’s listed first because it is the best group on Facebook.

Facebook Parent Support Groups for Kids with Special Needs and Disabilities

  1. Mine, of course: IEP assistance, support & more from ADayInOurShoes.com
  2. Specific to your child’s diagnosis
  3. Specific to where you live and disability
  4. Inclusion for Children with Down Syndrome
  5. Unique and Chromosome Disorder Outreach
  6. Asperger’s Life Support
  7. ADHD, Asperger’s and Autism – Support Network for Families
  8. Asperger’s & Autism Parent Support Network
  9. Living with Epilepsy

  10. NLD – Non-verbal Learning Disorder

  11. Parenting With Connection
  12. Parents of Deaf Kids who Support Sign Language: The Safe Place
  13. Parent to Parent Support for Sensory Processing Disorder

  14. Sensory Processing Disorder World Universal Group

  15. Special Needs Swap Meet
  16. Parents Of Blind & Visually Impaired Children

  17. The B Team
  18. Hoagies’ Gifted Discussion Group
  19. Decoding Dyslexia + your town or state
  20. Special Needs Homeschooling
  21. Support Group for Parents of Special Needs Children

  22. Special Needs Gently Used Medical Equipment for sale

  23. Seizures Understanding and Support

  24. Epilepsy Seizure Support Group

  25. Dyslexia / Specific Learning Disability Advocacy

  26. Special Needs Resources – China Adoption
  27. SSI Disability For Children Discussion & Support Group
  28. Disability Visibility Project

  29. Mental Illness: Fighting To Survive

  30. ADHD- ASD-ODD- SPD anxiety support group for parents

I hope that these special needs parenting, autism and disability Facebook groups help you get the answers and support you need.

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facebook disability groups

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