Best Educational Podcasts for Kids

I love podcasts. Since I work from home, I used to often have the TV on for background noise. Now? I listen to podcasts. And, of course, I have to give a plug for my IEP podcast. Please follow/subscribe if you’re not already. But this post is about the best educational podcasts for kids.

Podcasts are more popular than ever for adults, but did you know that kids can get in on the fun too?! In fact, there are a ton of fantastic podcasts out there for kids that are fun but also educational. I’ve put together this list of some of the best educational podcasts for kids.

Podcasts for Kids

There are a zillion different ways to listen to a podcast. Most people use itunes, but you can use Google Play, Stitcher, IHeartRadio and a bunch of other podcast places.

Science Podcasts for Kids

Brains On-A science podcast that is aimed at kids, though parents usually learn a thing or two along the way too. It’s best suited for slightly older kids. The creators have another podcast called Smash, Boom, Best which you can find out more information about below.

Educational Podcasts for Kids-Miscellaneous

These podcasts focus on a lot of different things-history, eating, daily living skills.

Warrior Kid Podcast-If your kids are familiar with the Warrior Kid book series then they will love the podcast in which the author stands in for the character of Uncle Jake, answering questions about all sorts of topics. He puts an emphasis on physical activity, having healthy eating habits, and working hard. This podcast is one for ages 8 and up though.

But Why-A fantastic podcast from NPR answers burning questions that kids may not even know they have like explaining how we taste food. But, not all topics are made for the little ones in mind, some are more teen-focused like the one that talks about what happens if a president is impeached.

Aaron’s World-A 50 episode audio drama that was created by a kid. In fact, this is the only kid created podcast on this list. It focuses on Aaron and his trusty computer sidekick as they explore the prehistoric world of dinosaurs. This is a must-listen for any kids who love dinosaurs.

Smash, Boom, Best-From the makers of Brains On comes Smash, Boom, Best, the podcast all about debating. Topics that are debated are kid-friendly like Pizza vs Tacos and Dragons vs Unicorns. While listening to the two sides debate kids learn how to express their views and defend their ideas.

Podcast for Preschoolers

Ear Snacks-If you’re looking for a podcast for Preschoolers then Ear Snacks should be your first stop. This podcast features musical duo Andrew & Polly who have created songs for Wallykazam! and Sesame Studios.

News Podcasts for Kids

KidNuz-KidNuz is exactly what it sounds like, news…for kids. This podcast gives 5 minutes of kid-friendly news 5 days a week and has been created by broadcast journalists who are also Moms. It gives kids the opportunity to be informed about what is going on in the world around them without having to be exposed to more grown-up topics.

The Past and The Curious-The retelling of little known stories from history with an emphasis on fun and humor. It’s a bit like the tv show Drunk History…just without the drinking.

What If World-What if World is the Podcast that asks silly questions like what if clouds were made of cotton candy? And then explores that possibility by weaving an entertaining and engaging tale.

Pants on Fire-Pants of Fire uses a game show format to help teach children to recognize what is true and what is “fake news.” This is a skill that is becoming more and more important in today’s online culture and will give your kids an advantage as they mature and grow older.

We’re enjoying some of these podcasts and they’re perfect for car rides too. Hope this helps!

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