“Alexa, ask IEP meeting advice.”

amazon alexa open IEP meeting advice
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What if Alexa was able to give you IEP meeting advice?

She can!

It’s a work in progress, but it’s a start. I’m really proud of it! Learning how to build and put a skill on Alexa has been really challenging for me. But, it’s on there. Now I just have to continue to add IEP meeting advice and questions to it.

The biggest snafu so far is trying to work around the words that Alexa does not let you use. There are action words, invocation words…and one of the words they do not let you use is “in.” That left out my blog name.

How to get IEP meeting advice on Alexa

To open or invoke my skill:

IEP alexa a day in our shoes
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These are the three open or invocation phrases that will get you my Alexa IEP skill. From there, she knows about a dozen pieces of IEP advice. My plan is to add more each week.

Within a few weeks, you should be able to ask things like “Alexa, ask IEP meeting advice how long the school has to do an evaluation…” and specifics like that. It’s just going to take time and each time I have to go through an Amazon approval process which takes 5 days.

I’d really love it if you’d rate the skill!

We just got our Amazon Echo Dot at Christmas and we love it. There are so many times when I’m doing something and it’s so easy to just yell across the room, “Alexa….”

I figured working on your IEP would be no different, right?

My goal is to then move on to the Echo Show. Then, how cool will that be?

“Alexa, show me some IEP accommodations for….” and they’ll appear!

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amazon alexa open IEP meeting advice
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