Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to get your kids involved in some fun and unique crafts. There are so many different Earth Day crafts for kids you can pick from in this printable. They’ll love learning about Earth day through these crafts.

These Earth Day crafts will keep your children entertained all day long. The crafts require no special materials and can be printed from home for an easy craft. They’re perfect for kids of any age. They have a variety of crafts to choose from, from making a puppet, a mask, to coloring pages.

Earth Day Craft Mockup 01

Earth Day Craft for Kids

In this free PDF, you will find 7 Earth Day Craft ideas for kids to do on Earth Day. They can color the images, paint them, cut them out, and glue them to construction paper.

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These crafts are great to make if it ends up raining on Earth Day. You have a variety of indoor Earth Day crafts to keep your children entertained.

Below you will find a few simple Earth Day crafts, there are 7 in total included in this PDF. The link to download them is at the bottom of this post. You can select to print only what you want.

Earth Day Craft 01

Earth Day Arts and Craft Activities

Earth Day Craft 02
Earth Day Craft 03

Printable Earth Day Craft

Click on the link below to download the craft ideas for Earth Day. When you go to print them, you can select to only print the images you want. There are 7 craft ideas in total.

Here are several more Earth Day activities.

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