tips for visiting A Very Furry Christmas at Sesame Place (+ discounts!)

Looking for a new tradition to add to your holiday season? Sesame Place! Yes, it’s open for the holidays and their holiday event is spectacular! We’ve been going there every holiday season for the past 2-3 years and just love it. We are going this weekend which is the first weekend that it is open. Having been to Sesame Place with my kids literally dozens of times, I’ve learned a few tips along the way.


First, you definitely want to be there when it’s dark outside. The lights and the decorations are something not to be missed. So if they open at noon and it’s dark at 5:00, you know your kids’ endurance levels and how long they can last. I would just hate for kids to have meltdowns and have had enough at 3:30 or 4:00 and you have to leave. If they can’t last long, come later.

You definitely don't want to miss the lights!

You definitely don’t want to miss the lights!

If your child has special needs and you think you will need to take advantage of the amenities such as the special entrances for shows, check in with guest services when you first enter the park. They will explain it to you and give you a special wristband.

Look at their site online ahead of time and try to plan out your trip. Since it is a cooler time of year, I plan out what we are going to do and mix up our day. So we may do rides for a bit, then a show so we can go indoors and warm up. Then more rides, then indoors to eat. The shows are not to be missed, nor is the parade. They change everything over to a holiday theme and it’s just fantastic!

elmo abby cookie christmas

Dress appropriately. Much of the activity is still outdoors, including some of the shows, so you want to dress appropriately. Most of the time, November and December here is still relatively mild and we are having so much fun we don’t even notice the weather. Still, we bring hats and gloves and a blanket for the stroller. Don’t let cloudy weather deter you. Some of our best Sesame Place memories have happened on less than picture-perfect days….because it’s less crowded and we barely wait in line for anything!

If you’ve never been there before, check out the map online. They have fabulous gift shops with some Sesame Street items you can’t get other places. But….it’s the time of year when you may be holding off on shopping, at least shopping with or in front of your kids. Every year, this is what I do, because my kids know where the gift shops are and there is no avoiding them. So, I tell them ahead of time that we are only going to be buying one Sesame Place Christmas ornament or decoration, no toys or clothes. If they want to look at them, that’s fine and we will put it on the list for Santa. Then, one of us takes them to the bathroom later or for a snack and the other goes and gets the items that they want. They have fun choosing an ornament to put on the tree and they are surprised on Christmas morning when Santa has remembered what they wanted.

You can save money by purchasing your tickets ahead of time on their website. They also have an agreement with Shady Brook Farm’s holiday light show. If you are considering purchasing season passes for a holiday gift, you will save money on a guest’s pass when you bring a guest. There are many options out there.

I can’t wait to go, hoping to get there twice this holiday season. Have fun!


I am a Sesame Place Ambassador. All opinions are my own.



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