Go Beyond with Longwood Gardens OrKid days

Some kids enjoying the January OrKid day. Click for more information.

I can’t remember the exact reason, but we were supposed to go to Longwood Gardens on MLK day and we ended up not going. Maybe it was too cold for my little guy, maybe one wasn’t feeling well, I can’t remember. But I was disappointed at not going, because it was their first OrKid day […]

Tips for visiting Longwood Gardens with your child with special needs

poinsettias, red poinsettias

I was recently invited to become a Star Blogger for Longwood Gardens. This is such an exciting opportunity, because not only do I just love Longwood Gardens, but my little guy is now at an age where it will be fun for us to attend as a family. A few Thursdays ago, I went to […]

{Holiday Gift Guide 2012} Gift ideas for children and families with special needs

Click to see all the Peppa Pig toys.

Welcome to our first ever Holiday Gift Guide. I love trying out new toys and items and sharing our feedback.  I was given some of these products to review at no cost, in hopes that I would include them in this guide. All opinions are my own. When I talk about the items and say […]