things I wish I’d said to the guy at Chipotle

We all have those jerkstore moments when we think of things we should have said. Here is what I wish I had said to the guy behind me.

Today I went to an Assistive Technology expo. It’s a nice event, hosted by my state’s Dept of Education. At lunch, I shuffled down to the local Chipotle, because it’s something I don’t have near me, and when I am near one, my kids won’t eat it, so I don’t go. It was lunch time […]

Bullying-Backfire: post for National Bully Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention  Month.  My Dad just forwarded an fantastic article on this subject that sheds a more positive light on how we, as a community, parents, and individuals, can take this issue and make it better.  Kids with disabilities are targeted  for bullying more often then kids that are neuro-typical and the […]