Every household, special needs or not, will find this great list useful. It has teacher gift ideas, a FREE printable shopping organizer, travel tips, easy crafts for special needs, autism apps....everything you need for your holiday season!

Don’t just survive, THRIVE this holiday season…special needs style!

Do you remember your first special needs Christmas season? I do, and I must say that the reasons I remember it are not all positive. That’s one thing I love about progress….I love looking back almost a decade and seeing how far we have come as a family. Now I can honestly say I eagerly […]

Review of Bobby's Burger Palace-I want to go back, soon!

two options in case Bobby Flay doesn’t invite you for Thanksgiving

Do you have a chef or celebrity chef, and it would be your dream to be invited to their home for a holiday? I have two–Ina Garten and Bobby Flay. That is just one of those dream bucket list items that you wish will happen, but not likely. But, in the event that Bobby Flay […]

List for parents to find free letters to and from Santa, recorded messages from Santa and a few other cute holiday items.

where to find free Letters to/from Santa and free photos with Santa

Oh the weather outside is frightful…. We are having a great time with these snow days. Sunday was a near perfect day for us here in Pennsylvania and today is almost as good. I cleared my calendar of work commitments so I didn’t have to travel in this. And in between decorating and cookie baking, […]

Like many bloggers I was frustrated at not being able to generate real income from my blog. Then I did a couple of things that more than tripled my CPM revenue.

how I increased my CPM revenue by 8x with Media.net

I’ve been doing a lot of posting about blogging lately…and for my readers and followers who are not bloggers, I apologize. But I feel this is important information to get out to bloggers. Because, I was a blogger who did ok with blogging, but recently just turned a corner. I know how frustrating it is […]

  1. Don’t just survive, THRIVE this holiday season…special needs style!
  2. {TGIF} Fun Friday Blog Giveaway Linkup~Nov 21
  3. {giveaway} Win a copy of Twas the Night Before Christmas on Sesame Street
  4. light box or light play toys (that will have your kids forget they are learning!)

Special Education

20 fun, educational, special needs Christmas apps for autism

Here are 20 great educational apps with a Christmas or holiday theme. Special focus on special needs and autism apps, like Christmas Social Stories, practicing "wh" words, sequencing, problem solving and more.

Are you looking for special needs and autism apps that are Christmas and holiday related? Well, I was and found it nearly impossible to get a good list. So I went digging and found my own. From Christmas social stories apps, picture identification, vocabulary building, sequencing and so much more–I think this is a great […]

{Ask an Advocate} Questions to consider when choosing a placement

Your IEP and Special Education questions answered by a certified Special Education Advocate.

This question comes to us from a mom with an 11-year-old boy, I’ll call him R. “What are the things to look for, and the questions to ask, when touring the public school at which the Department of Education has given you a placement at? My son got a placement at a public integrated classroom […]

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Fun & Recreation

{TGIF} Fun Friday Blog Giveaway Linkup~Nov 21

Here is our weekly blog giveaway linkup--attracting hundreds of prizes for you to win as a reader, and tons of entrants on your giveaway if you are a blogger. Enter now!

Happy Friday everyone! With shorter days and the holidays coming, boy the weeks are going by fast. My giveaways this week: Click image to enter this fun giveaway– a monthly gratitude challenge with a prize of a subscription to Live Happy Magazine The 5 blogs who host this weekly feature are: The Naughty Mommy A […]

{giveaway} Win a copy of Twas the Night Before Christmas on Sesame Street

It's a great stocking stuffer or read it before the holidays as part of a tradition...but enter to win your copy of this book. ends 12/1

I was approached and asked if I wanted a copy of this book in exchange for telling my readers about it and doing a giveaway….and of course I said yes! We love all things Sesame Street in this house. Also, I have been trying to diligently yet frugally collect 25 holiday themed books for my […]

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{recipe} muddy buddies~puppy chow~whatever you call it, kids love it!

Doesn't matter if you call it Muddy Buddies or Puppy Chow, it's always a favorite with kids.

Muddy Buddies or Puppy Chow recipes are so easy and so popular! It’s one of my go-to items when one of my kids asks if we can bake cookies or a cake. Mind you, we do that too, but there’s not always time for it. Muddy Buddies or Puppy Chow is fun and tasty. And […]

easy chocolate chip biscotti recipe~made with cookie pouch mix

easy chocolate chip biscotti

I love biscotti! But it’s so expensive. Even at a discounter like TJ Maxx, you may pay upwards of $1 or more per biscuit. I think that’s a lot…to pay $1 for a cookie. Even though they are so yummy. So I set out on a mission to find a recipe that I could do […]

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how to have the best Halloween, Christmas, Summer, Halloween and Christmas

sesame place season pass discount

Right now is an AWESOME time to buy season passes for Sesame Place. Want to give your kids the best Christmas gift ever, and make some memories along the way? Right now when you buy them…you get the rest of 2014 AND you get all of 2015. So your year ends something like this: Halloween/October: […]

the best Philadelphia area attractions for families with special needs

best attractions for special needs kids

Several years ago, I had an epiphany. It was after a celebration that I had attended for the anniversary of ADA. ADA was obviously landmark legislation and has completely changed the way we view many things in our society. But we’re still not there. I approached then editor of MetroKids about this idea. I remember […]

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Thoughtful Thursday~November 20

Mind your own garden.

things I wish I’d said to the guy at Chipotle

We all have those jerkstore moments when we think of things we should have said. Here is what I wish I had said to the guy behind me.

Today I went to an Assistive Technology expo. It’s a nice event, hosted by my state’s Dept of Education. At lunch, I shuffled down to the local Chipotle, because it’s something I don’t have near me, and when I am near one, my kids won’t eat it, so I don’t go. It was lunch time […]

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En Espanol

Aplicación de estrategias de funcionamiento ejecutivo en el IEP

a day in our shoes

Funcionamiento Ejecutivo parece ser uno de los problemas más comunes que enfrentan los estudiantes con discapacidades y una dificultad común, incluso con los adultos en la sociedad actual. Sin embargo, parece que hay muy poca comprensión de la función ejecutiva entre los maestros o cómo proporcionar estrategias funcionales en el aula. Esto es lo que […]

Sesame Street lanza iniciativa “Ver la asombrosa en todos los niños”

Mi hijo y Abby en la ciudad de Nueva York.

Se trata de un proyecto muy divertido y emocionante de la gente más en Sesame Workshop. En el Día Mundial del Autismo, la semana pasada, se anunció que están empezando una nueva iniciativa llamada “Ver la increíble en todos los niños“, y se centrarán en los niños que tienen autismo. Si usted ha estado viendo […]

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