40+ kids activities for Shark Week~snacks, crafts, printables, games and more!

Do you love Shark Week? We do! My husband says that the newer Shark Weeks aren’t as good as the older ones, but my kids still enjoy it. And like most things…I try to do an all-around, multi-sensory activities around an event. In other words, when it’s Shark Week, we don’t just watch tv–we read shark books, do shark crafts, do shark lesson plans to go with skills we are reinforcing at home, have shark snacks…and my boys love it. Of course I rounded up the best Shark Themed Crafts and Activities I could find on Pinterest and here they are.

If I didn’t link to instructions for a project, it’s because I couldn’t find them–only the picture was available. I figured some of you crafty types could either figure it out or modify it. But I scoured the web to find you several dozen of the cutest, easiest Shark Week crafts, snacks, activities and printables for kids.

Here are more than 40 shark-themed activities for kids. List includes snacks, crafts, books, printables, activities and more.

Here is the official kids Shark Week page on Discovery website.

Shark Cake Pops

I’ve seen many variations on this theme:

I wish I knew who originally posted this to Pinterest, it's so cute!

I wish I knew who originally posted this to Pinterest, it’s so cute!

Gummy Sharks make a great treat as a reward!

Shark Cookies (cute, they added a surfer to them)

Shark Cupcakes

Older kids may want to try nail art.

There’s also a shark teeth paracord bracelet.


Shark Week Crafts and Activities for Kids

Coloring pages for shark week

Paper shark with teeth

Felt shark puppets

Shark paper bag puppet

Shark made out of glue paint

Video tutorial on making a shark craft out of craft sticks (popsicle sticks)

Activities for preschoolers with a shark theme: counting, sight words, etc.

Paper plate shark craft

paper plate shark craft

shark made out of paper towel or toilet paper roll

Free Shark app!

Click to get the free app!

Click to get the free app!

Shark craft with printable to cut out (suggested age is kindergarten)

painted shark with instructions from Crayola (pictured below)

painted shark

Shark made out of a clothespin

Here is another shark and whale clothespin craft, but I cannot find the original source with the instructions. The picture is pretty self explanatory though.
shark clothespin crafts

Shark made out of either paper cups or clay pots

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