Free codes for Leap Pad apps!

Hi there and welcome to a very popular blog post–free codes for Leap Pads! Everyone loves free Leap apps and we love our Leap Pad and Leap Pad 2. The free Leap Pad app codes are below, but just wanted to let you know a few things. In addition to the codes for the free Leap apps, there is other good information in this post. I update it at least monthly with the latest and greatest deals on Leap Pads and Leap Pad 2 accessories. So make sure you read it carefully, and please know that the prices were valid at the time the post was done. Some sites like Amazon change their prices quite frequently.

Updated 07/03/15 with the latest deals I could find!

July and Summer Deals on Leap apps, Leap Pad bundles and Leap Accessories

On Amazon: Leap Frog Leap Pad 2 Crayola Creativity Pack Bundle! (Includes LeapFrog LeapPad2 Learning Tablet with 4GB Memory plus Exclusive Bonus Crayola Accessories!) is just $64.99!

Click to see full details.

Click to see full details.


 Another good Amazon deal is the Leapfrog Leappad Accessories On-the-go Bundle which includes Blue Carrying Case, Car Adapter & $15 Digital Download Card-all for just $11.74!

All this right now is $11.74!

All this right now is $11.74!

On the Leap Website, they are having a great sale on apps for summer! Most apps are 20%-50% off, including TMNT! Use the LEAP CODE SURPRISE to get another 15% off!

We love our Leap Pad! But, the apps are more expensive than other apps and free apps are very hard to find. That’s why I really wanted to share these codes! I can’t even remember the last time they tossed out a freebie, it’s been many months.

Just $14.99 today! Click to see more!

Just $14.99 today! Click to see more!

Use the below codes to get 2 FREE apps and save $15 through your LeapFrog Connect account for your Leap Pad

Alphabet Stew – Regular Price $7.50 – FREE with Code  5813-0790-4610-4973

New, from Google Play-a free interactive app for parents with kids with special needs and IEPs.
The Book of Super Awesome Stuff – Regular Price $7.50 with Code 5813-1140-1518-1413

Redeeming these codes is easy. Just go to your account and look for the orange or yellow button on the left hand side that says “redeem codes.” Enter the codes and voila, they’ll be added. I just did this myself prior to posting this and it worked. Hopefully you will get yours before the limit is reached. I loaded ours onto our account but not onto the device yet. We have to shuffle around to make room, ours is full.

If you are looking for deals, discounts and coupons for Leap stuff, make sure you are following me. I post stuff like this quite often, because I’m always searching for it myself.

Remember, prices on Amazon change all the time, so don’t delay if you think you want one.


Click to see the Leap website.

Click to see the Leap website.


  1. amanda says

    go to the app center, in the right top corner next to your email there is an arrow click it and the redeem code should be in the list of options, tried it 12/9/2013 and the code still worked

      • Amy K says

        Walmart will price match with themselves. Print out a screen show of the $20 app card from their website and bring it to the store with you.

    • radekbosniak says

      I’m from Poland (EU) and both codes still working (download in 12 january). Maybe it’s technical problem.

  2. says

    25% off apps, books, games & accessories.

    Offer valid through 11:59PM PT 4/14/2014. Use code EASTEREGG.

    Enter promo code EASTEREGG at the checkout page to receive a 25% off apps, books, games & accessories. Limit one discount offer per order. This offer may not be combined with other offers or discounts requiring a promotion code that are applicable to the same item(s). Discount does not include tax and shipping. No adjustments can be made on prior sales. No substitutions or cash equivalents. Offer subject to change without notice. Offer void where prohibited or restricted by law. This offer is valid on or the LeapFrog App Center.

  3. Camella says

    Leap pad ANYTHING is too expensive. When any other tablte has DAILY free download apps available. Leap Pad had 2 as far as I could see back to 2011?? My son received the Leap Pad Ultra 2 as an extremely expensive gift for Christmas from his Grandma and now 5 MONTHS later hardly plays.I can’t afford the $25 cartridges at Toy stores. The DISCOUNT app’s I could kinda afford we’re not that fun to my 4 year old son. Make free app’s available! Please. Not everyone thinks $40 with a 20% coupon code is so cheap. Dissatisfied for my kid’s sake. Cool tablet if we had a plethora of money to invest in an already expensive item.
    sincerely- a hard working-class FAMILY

    • Pamela SMith says

      I got 2 cards today in two cartridge games- they are for 1 learning app each
      code 1- 2653-4837-6572-5019
      code 2- 1981-3396-6998-6310.

      color with scout,
      learn to read 6
      factory flashcards
      polar bear run are the apps to choose from

  4. Alea Taylor says

    I happened to come across your page looking for deals while buying my daughter some games. I just wanted to say thank you for the information and codes that you have. Especially for the alphabet stew, I’m late night shopping but my daughter will be happy when she discovers new games on her leap pad 2. These games can get expensive. Thank you again.

    From a new friend/mother

    Alea T.

  5. K. Evans says

    I was just browsing for all things leapfrog when I happened to visit this site and spotted the codes for alphabet stew and the book of awesome super stuff ebook which we were able to download for our daughter free of charge. I am from the UK.

    Thank you for putting these up 😉

    • nancy says

      Twice a year Toys R Us has their cartridges on sale B1G1 free. This includes the download cards. We stock up on the 25 dollar download cards at this time, then wait for a 30% off app sale online. So say the app will be 25 dollars, with the 30% off code we get it for 17.50, but really, we paid half for our download card, so we end up paying 8.75 for a 25 dollar app. That’s worst case, usually the apps are a lot less to start with or maybe even discounted before the 30% off code. I hope that makes sense. I hate wasting money, and I’ve got this leappad thing down! Also, we’ve gone thru at least 10 in 2 years, never a cracked screen or anything my kids had done wrong, always a software issue, the thing just stops working. And we’ve paid for ONE. Only buy it from somewhere like Best Buy and get the extended warranty for an extra 20 bucks! It also lets you upgrade to the next generation pad when yours is broken, you just pay the price difference.

      • Emily says

        Hi! Nancy. I Bought my 2 Granddaughters Leap Pad Ultras.
        So this would be Greatly Appreciated! What do you mean the 30% off sale? Where do I find this 30% off sale? Do you have an approximate time of year
        when Toys R Us have their sales?
        Thank You So Much, Emily

  6. Treasure says

    I cant get any of these codes to work… I’ve recently bought 3 from the app center but looking for one or two more that I can get for my son to help prepare him for school. He is going to have to start almost a full year late due to his birthday being 11 days to late. If anyone has any codes that currently work and your willing to share please let me know….. MOM TRYING TO TEACH

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