Finally! ABLE Act Passed Senate~on to President Obama for signing

The ABLE Act has passed both the House and the Senate, and now moves on to President Obama for signing. Yay!

Finally! It has passed! The ABLE Act passed the Senate last night. In case you missed past posts, here is a brief history of the journey to get this passed. Call Congress to pass ABLE Act. Call Majority Leader to bring ABLE Act to a vote. If you want to start saving and don’t know […]

Senator Harkin says farewell~includes list of disabilities legislation accomplishments

Today Senator Harkin said goodbye to the US Senate and the Disabilities Community will miss him. "Nothing about us, without us!" Here is his list of accomplishments.

This is a day I have been dreading. I have been dreading it ever since he announced he was not going to run again in the November, 2014 elections. If you follow my blog, you know that I am a huge fan of Senator Harkin. He has long been a champion for people with disabilities […]

Let’s take a trip down memory lane~things Rick Santorum has said

Rick Santorum is dangerous. This is just a small sampling of the thoughts he has expressed. Let's derail his 2016 campaign.

Consume head exploding now….Rick Santorum is running for President for 2016. There are so many reasons why Rick Santorum should NOT be President. Just when my holiday season was going along so peachy…I’m singing carols, baking cookies and wrapping gifts. Then, tonight’s news while eating dinner. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Rick Santorum is running for […]

please contact Congress about the ABLE Act

Call your Senators TODAY and tell them to Pass the Able Act!

Updated 12/11/14: It is very likely that today could be the LAST day that Congress meets before the holidays. (Must be nice….but I digress.) So please please please call your Senators today! Author’s note: I published the post below on 2/19/13 and it’s been edited several times since then. However, the wheels of legislation often […]