my travels to Harrisburg~Basic Education Funding Reform Commission Hearing

capitol in harrisburg

I have discovered that my real passion is systems advocacy. That is, trying to make the laws, programs, systems and funding better for our kids. I will say, that for right now, for me to be able to do this is a luxury. And what I mean by that is, my own personal situation is […]

PARC, Pennhurst and the most under utilized disabilities resource in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a rich and colorful history in the Disability Rights Movement. Plus--the most under utilized resource for special needs parents in the state.

In a post I did yesterday, I highlighted a bit of history from the Disability Rights movement and how we got to where we are today. I didn’t go into much detail about Pennsylvania, Pennhurst and the role that Pennsylvania parents had on the movement. Families in Pennsylvania really played a strong and crucial role […]

how Geraldo Rivera affected your IEP~understanding the history of IDEA 1975

Many parents are unaware of the history behind IDEA 1975 and how it affects your child's special education. Most are surprised to learn that Geraldo actually played an important role.

I get my history nerdiness from my dad. I love learning history about certain things. Hey, our History Teachers did know something–that understanding history helps us understand where we are and where we can go. History is important. I find that many parents do not know the history behind IDEA 1975 and it is important. […]

{call to action} please contact your legislators about ESEA reauthorization~common core, special needs, etc.

All parents but especially special needs and autism parents, need to be aware of this issue. If it passes this year in a format similar to years past, it will not be good for our kids.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the pending ESEA re-authorization. You can read the entire post in that link, but here is a quick recap of what ESEA is, from that post: What is ESEA? ESEA was first enacted in 1965 under President Johnson. For decades, no one paid attention to it. In 2002, […]