{Tuesday To-Do List} please contact Congress about the ABLE Act

Me, at the Capitol just last week!

Author’s note: I published the post below on 2/19/13 and it’s been edited. However, the wheels of legislation often turn slowly, so over a year later we are discussing the ABLE Act again. This is gathering up steam and it looks like 2014 could be the year that the ABLE Act gets passed. We just […]

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{Tuesday To-Do List} PA families-what you need to know about alt ed programs

Autism Action Month(1)

As promised, every Tuesday in April I am sharing action items that you can do to advocate for people with autism. We’re doing our own little #AutismAction month here. This week’s item is really only for Pennsylvania families. Sorry for my non-PA families, but I feel that this is an important issue AND can have […]

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I am wearing blue today…and why I think you should too.


Today is World Autism Day. Whether you like it or not…it is an internationally recognized day to increase autism awareness. Even the UN lists it as one of their adopted days. Yesterday and again today on Facebook I saw some calls to boycott this day because it is actually harmful to people with autism. Harmful? […]

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