Call Republican Majority Leader to bring ABLE Act to a vote!

a day in our shoes

Sharing this information via an email that I received. First, what is the ABLE Act? Here is the ABLE Act Bill Summary: The Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act would ease the financial burden for individuals with disabilities by creating tax-free accounts that can be used to save for disability-related expenses. These accounts can [...]

dumb things Governor Tom Corbett said~remember on Tuesday!

Tuesday is Election Day. Here is a friendly reminder of some of the things our Governor Tom Corbett has said over the past 4 years. Time to go!

Tuesday is Election Day. Honestly, I thought about doing a post entitled “my give a damn’s busted” because I am just not passionate about this election. Feeling a bit deflated lately, especially after the pro-NRA bill passed last week, the whole debacle that is going on in my own House District 158, that is beyond [...]

October 6 is Deadline to Register to Vote in Pennsylvania


The election will be here before we know it! I can’t emphasize it enough, go out and VOTE! One of our elections here in PA just got really interesting when the Republican candidate dropped out…and the {supposedly} retiring Chris Ross is now back in the race. It’s no surprise that this blog will be supporting [...]

Does your child with special needs have an elevator pitch?

special needs elevator pitch

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance.”~Martin Luther King Do you know what an elevator pitch is? I attend lots of workshops for bloggers and PR stuff, and it often comes up. It’s a succinct way of “selling yourself” in 2-3 sentences. It’s a term coined in the business world–think of yourself [...]

Organic Pet Foods – Hype or Healthy

boys with dogs

As pet owners, we are all concerned about the happiness, health and safety of our precious pets. Of course, a lot of pet owners dogs and cats. We take the time to select the most entertaining and interesting toys and playthings for our pets. We seek out specialty systems to ensure our pets’ safety outdoors, [...]