Op-ed: A Move to Amend, Farm Subsidies and money rules the world

You don't have any money to contribute to politics, your citizen voice is all you have. So are you going to use it or not?

On Friday, I sent out the first unit of “How to become an active citizen lobbyist.” As part of the assignments for that, you were asked to evaluate your passions and also name some barriers to why some of those things couldn’t happen today. My bet is…for one of the barriers listed, 99% of you […]

Call out to my PA families~it’s a new day, let’s get the momentum going

It's a Call to Action Day. Please read and call or contact your legislators

I have really mixed emotions about sending out this message that I was asked to share. On one hand, it’s a great idea and great information. On the other hand, it’s very premature, as far as my planning purposes. As you have probably read or seen by now, just a few days ago I announced […]

getting involved in special education lobbying and advocacy~ESEA re-authorization in 2015?

All parents but especially special needs and autism parents, need to be aware of this issue. If it passes this year in a format similar to years past, it will not be good for our kids.

What if I told you that there might be a bill in Congress this year…a bill that might increase a school’s options when it comes to using restraints and seclusion, and decreased their accountability in doing so? Good, now that I have your attention, keep reading. Most special needs parents know about IDEA, right? Of […]

special needs parents and their unnecessary drama with airlines

Recent stories in the press have given special needs parents a bad name, in my opinion. Whether we like it or not, we are all ambassadors for the special needs community.

Lately there have been a few parents who have taken their children with special needs on airlines. Normally, this would be a non-event. Traveling with your family during holiday time is quite normal. So how do I know this? Because some of these moms have started unnecessary drama and twitter wars with the airlines. Sometimes […]