{Tuesday To-Do List} renew your patriotism and resolve to get involved #specialed #disability

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As we head into a holiday weekend, I’d like to make a plea to you…readers, followers and families with special needs. Lately our causes have suffered quite a few setbacks legislatively. Important legislation that we needed to improve the lives of families with disabilities did not get passed. Why? Because it did not have enough […]

{Tuesday To-Do List} Please make *1 phone call* for students with disabilities

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Hello and Happy Tuesday! Every Tuesday, I bring you an action item that you can do to support families living with disabilities. For Pennsylvania families, I’m bringing back a familiar issue–the Special Education Funding Reform bills. I know, I know, I’ve been posting, writing, talking and tweeting about it quite a bit. But this is […]

Why are PA Charter Schools opposing the new special education funding legislation?

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On Friday, I did a post asking my Pennsylvania readers to please contact their legislators about HB 2318 and SB 1316. Those bills are the special education funding reform bills. Want to help make a difference? Call your PA Legislators-information found here. Since posting that, I have been asked by several friends and acquaintances–“Hey, I […]

PA Families~please call your legislators to support HB 2138 and SB 1316

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Updated: Please go sign this petition, thanks! This morning was the annual Legislative Breakfast at the Arc of Chester County. I try to go every year. I love getting some actual face time with my legislators, I love hearing about legislative priorities that sometimes fall off my radar and most of all I love the […]

Has the DSM-V (autism) affected your family? The NIH wants to know!

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As I’m sure most of you are aware, the DSM was recently revised and the DSM-IV or 4 was replaced by the DSM-V or 5. Like any of the previous changes, many committees and sub-committees made up of all kinds of professionals take part in the revisions. It literally takes years for a new revision […]

{Tuesday To-Do List} please contact Congress about the ABLE Act

Me, at the Capitol just last week!

Author’s note: I published the post below on 2/19/13 and it’s been edited. However, the wheels of legislation often turn slowly, so over a year later we are discussing the ABLE Act again. This is gathering up steam and it looks like 2014 could be the year that the ABLE Act gets passed. We just […]