{Special Needs Travel Review} Orlando: a rough start to the trip but Southwest comes through

Our view was great! We got to see the mass sliming whenever we wanted!

Right around Easter, my husband found out that his company was going to send him to Orlando for a week. Taking the kids to Orlando has always been on our to-do list, but not a super high priority. But, we were able to put together a nice trip in a short amount of time and […]

{Special Needs Travel Review} Sea World surprises us while Disney disappoints

Kevin loved the flamingos.

On Friday we had planned to go to Sea World. It was my husband’s first free day, and his only free days were really Sunday, Friday and Saturday. But the first Sunday he had to rest due to having a concussion. But, I had learned about the Star Wars Weekends at Disney Hollywood Studios and […]

{Special Needs Travel Review} Nickelodeon Resort + family travel tips for Orlando

Travel tips for families planning to go to Orlando--ways to save money and navigating with a child with special needs.

Brian, my 6-year-old, has been asking to go to the “Ninja Turtle Hotel” for about two years. He first saw it on TV, then we saw an ad on Facebook, then he made a video and entered a contest, hoping to win a trip…but just a few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to really […]

{Special Needs Travel Review} Legoland, Florida-so much to do in 1 day!


I have one regret about our visit to Legoland…and that is, we went on a day that it is only open 10-5 and that is not enough time! Hmph. It’s a great little park. It’s clean and new and it says that it is for ages 2-12 and that is about right. It was low-key […]