family and special needs tips for visiting PA Farm Show

Visiting the Pennsylvania Farm Show is a tradition for my family. Traveling with little kids or special needs will be easier if you read these tips before you go.

While we are in the throes of the holiday season, I also have my eye on one other thing……..the PA Farm Show! It’s usually the first full week in January, but this year it is the second. I guess the first week was too soon after the holiday break. The 2015 PA Farm Show is […]

how to have the best Halloween, Christmas, Summer, Halloween and Christmas

sesame place season pass discount

Right now is an AWESOME time to buy season passes for Sesame Place. Want to give your kids the best Christmas gift ever, and make some memories along the way? Right now when you buy them…you get the rest of 2014 AND you get all of 2015. So your year ends something like this: Halloween/October: […]

the best Philadelphia area attractions for families with special needs

best attractions for special needs kids

Several years ago, I had an epiphany. It was after a celebration that I had attended for the anniversary of ADA. ADA was obviously landmark legislation and has completely changed the way we view many things in our society. But we’re still not there. I approached then editor of MetroKids about this idea. I remember […]

The Count’s Spooktacular at Sesame Place~put it on your family’s fall bucket list!

sesame street count

I can’t believe it is only the second full day of fall…and we have already been to Sesame Place TWICE for the Count’s Spooktacular. We went on Saturday for the Grand Opening of the event and again yesterday morning to help promote the event on Good Day Philadelphia. Sesame Place has added a few new […]