{Ask an Advocate} questions about moving to a different state

ask an advocate

Today’s question: My son is currently on an IEP and Behavior Plan under the Autism category for social/behavior accommodations. We are planning on moving to KY, however, it will not be until the end of this current school year. I understand that his IEP in transferable initially if it is in the “current” academic year, […]

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Special Needs Easter Egg Hunts and Quiet/Caring Easter Bunny events

Easter Egg Hunts

Several weeks ago, I put a call out for my readers to send me information about Special Needs Easter Egg Hunts or Quiet Easter Bunny or Caring Easter Bunny events for the 2014 Easter season. Unfortunately, I only got two responses. I will be doing some internet searches to add more information to this post, […]

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Sesame Place events for Winter 2014

Click to see all the winter events at Sesame Place.

Is Sesame Place open in the winter? Yes! Most people don’t realize that Sesame Place is sort-of open just about year-round. Yes, it is! Really! We went there for New Year’s Eve 2013 for the fireworks and grand finale of sorts…and the park itself won’t open until Spring of 2014. But, there are still fun […]

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List of Indoor Play areas in Chester County-southern and western

Southern Western Chester County

Welcome to a really fun blog carnival! A blog carnival is when a bunch of bloggers all write up similar posts and then link up to each other so that you, the reader can more easily find the information. Our topic–indoor play areas! I don’t know about you but with all this crazy weather, I […]

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backyard bird activities for kids~feeders, crafts, printables and more

backyard bird activities for kids

Calling all bird nerds! We have been bird watchers for as long as I can remember. We always have several feeders in our yard, we keep them full and we participate in the Backyard Bird Count every February. We’ve also taken day trips to local areas such as Hawk Mountain and to the Conowingo Dam […]

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