Take a kid fishing~especially one with special needs!

Tips and resources to get your family interested and ready for fishing, including kids with special needs.

I grew up in a fishing family. My dad and my brother are both avid fishermen and I married one as well. As a kid, I certainly enjoyed dangling a bobber in the water. As a teen I went on some deep sea trips with my parents and got sea sick. That took care of […]

how to attract and keep butterflies in your yard (+ a no-harm way to catch them!)

A butterfly bush is a great first step. But you need to make sure that you have a nectar source, cover and hiding, and host plants. Plus--here's a no-harm way for kids to catch a butterfly.

So this is one of those posts that has been in my mind for probably at least a year, maybe more. Every year I go to the PA Farm Show (January) and many years we go to the Great Allentown Fair (around Labor Day). Each time we go to either of those venues, we visit […]

Easter Egg Hunts and Quiet Easter Bunny events for kids with special needs

Our annual listing of Easter Egg Hunts and Easter Bunny visits for kids with special needs. Includes Quiet/Caring Easter Bunny schedule and where to find beeping Easter Eggs for the visually impaired.

Several weeks ago, I put a call out for my readers to send me information about Special Needs Easter Egg Hunts or Quiet Easter Bunny or Caring Easter Bunny events for the 2014 Easter season. Unfortunately, I only got two responses. I will be doing some internet searches to add more information to this post, […]

What to buy at Trader Joe’s? Moms share their 50 must buy items at Trader Joe’s

Moms share their 50 favorite "must buy" items from Trader Joe's. Includes a printable list.

I rarely shop at Trader Joe’s. Like once every 5 years. And it’s not that far away, although it is in a direction that I rarely go. Last summer I knew I was headed to the Best Buy down that way, so I thought I would stop in. I wanted to start shopping their more […]