{Thoughtful Thursday} 20 inspiring quotes from children’s books

motivational inspirational quotes from childrens books

I forgot to do a Thoughtful Thursday post this week. I was just poking around online and found this incredible infographic. So there you go, instead of one inspiring quote, because I was late you get 20 inspiring or inspirational quotes…all from a children’s book. Which inspirational quote from a children’s book is your favorite?[pin_dis][/pin_dis] […]

Does your child with special needs have an elevator pitch?

special needs elevator pitch

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance.”~Martin Luther King Do you know what an elevator pitch is? I attend lots of workshops for bloggers and PR stuff, and it often comes up. It’s a succinct way of “selling yourself” in 2-3 sentences. It’s a term coined in the business world–think of yourself […]