Technological innovations that have helped the disabled communicate and interact


At risk of sounding like my grandmother, sometimes I am just AMAZED at technology. I mean, I remember the first time I showed her the internet and explained how it worked…and this is someone who didn’t have a refrigerator for her youth. Sometimes when I see what technology is doing, especially in the special needs […]

Easter Seals NJ develops program to improve health and wellness of people with disabilities

Easter Seals New Jersey was recently awarded a grant of $42,813 by The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey for its health and wellness initiative to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of people with disabilities.

Recently there have been several studies about kids, all kids, being more sedentary and not getting enough exercise. There have also been a few more studies documenting that it is an even bigger problem within the disability community. There are lots of barriers to participation–they may not have access to an inclusive or disabilities program, […]

Criminal Defense Attorneys who work with the disability community

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It’s an unfortunate reality, but just by having a disability of some kind, a person is more likely to be incarcerated, more likely to be suspended from school, more likely to have unpleasant encounters with law enforcement…over 60% of our prison population is mentally ill and about 75% are functionally illiterate, according to the ASHA. […]

{Ask an Advocate} questions about enrolling in Autism and Intellectual Disability supports systems

If you or a family member has Autism or an Intellectual Disability, here is what you need to know about getting enrolled in Supports Services.

Today’s question: Lisa, do you know of a website, blog, etc. that has a good description of the process for applying for the consolidated waiver, description of the documents generated (ex. PUNS), who the Supports Coordinator is and their role, etc? I went to the Arc of Chester County’s seminar on it a few years […]