5 tablets for $99 or less for learning or assistive technology

If you are looking for a tablet for your family or child with special needs, there are a LOT of great options out there for $99 or less. No need to fight crowds or get up early, most of these are everyday prices, though they are selling quickly.

When tablets first came out, they were expensive. Still are, really. But comparatively, the prices are better now due to technology getting better, cheaper and there is more competition out there. With the holidays coming up, maybe you’ve been considering what is the best tablet to get for your child with special needs. I don’t […]

Hasbro toys now more accessible for kids with autism and developmental disabilities

The Autism Project and Hasbro have teamed up to make toys and play more accessible for kids with autism and other disabilities. Great project and just in time for the holidays!

I was at a blogger event earlier in the month and some of the PR folks from Hasbro said that they would have some exciting information for me later in the month. It is exciting news! Doctors, educators and child developmental specialists have long known about the educational value of play. Play is not just […]

10 DIY Christmas ornaments for sensory, light play, fine motor and more

Here are 10 DIY ornaments for kids to work on sensory, light play, fine motor, literacy, sight words and so much more. Grab the glue and the glitter and let's get started!

It’s the most wonderful time…of the year. I am sooo not crafty, but I found some very fun things to do with our kids this holiday season. I am trying to make many of our activities multi-sensory. Here is a list of 10 really cute ornaments that we can make with our kids and they […]

shop these retailers to support hiring people with disabilities

When you shop, you are voting with your dollars and approving that business's corporate philosophy. This is a list of corporations who are going above and beyond, in hiring people with disabilities, sometimes at rates of upwards of 40%. Read and support them this holiday season--they are creating future jobs for our kids with special needs.

Earlier this year, I did a book review and giveaway of the new(ish) book called No Greatness Without Goodness. It’s a phenomenal book and a heartwarming story about one man’s mission to create a community and create real life, fair paying employment opportunities for people with disabilities. I can’t recommend the book enough. If you […]

light box or light play toys (that will have your kids forget they are learning!)

Here is a great collection of toys that can be used with light boxes or for light play-including Minecraft, Frozen, Crayola and more. So fun, they'll forget it's therapeutic!

My son was diagnosed with Cortical Visual Impairment at a young age and we have had a light box for over 5 years. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful that we qualified for many of the items from APH….but basically, I am growing weary of primary colored clear things. Red, yellow and blue…and […]