Free codes for Leap Pad apps!

Click to see the Leap website.

Hi there and welcome to a very popular blog post–free codes for Leap Pads! Everyone loves free Leap apps and we love our Leap Pad and Leap Pad 2. The free Leap Pad app codes are below, but just wanted to let you know a few things. In addition to the codes for the free […]

the DSM V and Intellectual Disabilities-changes to diagnostic criteria

Everyone knew about the changes to autism in the DSM 5, but not everyone was aware to some other major changes, particularly about intellectual disability.

Here’s an interesting issue that passed by a lot of people. If you remember, the DSM was revised about a year or two ago. Of course,  there was a TON of chatter about autism, Aspergers and issues related to those two disorders…how they were going to be defined, etc. So, while many in the disabilities […]

6 new Laurie Berkner albums~best music for kids! Coming June 16

Laurie Berkner is releasing 6 new albums and each one is curated to be content specific, and can be downloaded from various formats.

Have I said before how much we love Laurie Berkner? Well she is coming out with a bunch of new music and I love the new formatting. I like things in groups, excellent for teaching or reinforcing skills with my sons. Beloved children’s recording artist and preschool television favorite Laurie Berkner will release six fully […]

get ready for Screen Free Week!

May 4 to 10 is Screen Free Week 2015. Here are some great ideas to do this week with your family or school group.

Starting Monday, it is Screen Free Week 2015, sponsored by Commercial Free Childhood. I don’t think that screens are terrible…they certainly offer tremendous value to today’s kids and education. But, they also invite sitting…and sitting is the new smoking. Today, more Americans are dooming themselves to health issues by being sedentary than by smoking. And […]