Passover books for kids

great list of Passover books for kids

Have you ever been invited to a Seder dinner? I mean, if you’re not Jewish. I was invited to one once and it’s an honor if a family invites you. However…be warned…it is not for picky eaters like me! Gah! I mean, I tried everything, but I was hungry at the end of the meal. […]

22 Easter books for kids of all ages

Great list of Easter books for kids of all ages.

I can’t believe we are so close to Easter! I’m not ready! We had snow days, then it is my son’s birthday, my inlaws are coming…I’m running out of time. But, with this list, I can just order some things off of Amazon and hope that the UPS guy comes when they are at school. […]

Teaching Kids to Think~book giveaway

Teaching kids to think: raising confident, independent and thoughtful children in an age of instant gratification

I recently had the opportunity to receive a preview copy of this book-Teaching Kids to Think: Raising confident, independent and thoughtful children in an age of instant gratification. I was very intrigued by the title as I often find myself very frustrated with my parenting peers. Sometimes I really find myself scratching my head and […]

Free codes for Leap Pad apps!

Click to see the Leap website.

Hi there and welcome to a very popular blog post–free codes for Leap Pads! Everyone loves free Leap apps and we love our Leap Pad and Leap Pad 2. The free Leap Pad app codes are below, but just wanted to let you know a few things. In addition to the codes for the free […]