Six Family-Oriented Applications to Keep Family Together while Enjoying Free Time

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When we say family, it’s like sticking together no matter what. In this time of ours where technology seems to keep family apart, it’s a good thing that some applications and software developers are able to appreciate what a family is and come up with family-oriented apps for smartphones and other digital devices. Here are [...]

Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

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Earlier today I wrote about how I used to be an anti-vaccine person and my journey into and out of that world. I am passionate about getting out the correct, factual information to Moms about vaccines. There is so much false information out there and fear sells. We are a society that loves fear even [...]

Enterovirus D68-What parents need to know about symptoms and treatment

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It’s been all over the news, right? Pictures of children and babies in the hospital, hooked up to oxygen…while some doom and gloom broadcaster paints a hopeless picture. “There is no vaccine for this” and “there is no cure, just treating the symptoms.” The enterovirus-D68 even has a scary name, right? What do parents really [...]

Save the Date~PA Education for All Coalition Conference Dates!

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Save the date, mark your calendars and hire the sitters….the PEAC conference is coming! This is a very good conference, in a great location and it’s very affordable for parents. See you there!

Hanging my shingle~I’m for hire! IEP assistance for parents

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I have some exciting news! I didn’t mention it back in the spring, but now I am….A Day in our Shoes is now open as a Special Education Advocacy and Disabilities Consulting service business! Cool, huh? Several months ago I made the decision to leave the non-profit that I was working for and go out [...]