Enterovirus D68-What parents need to know about symptoms and treatment

enterovirus d68 symptoms

It’s been all over the news, right? Pictures of children and babies in the hospital, hooked up to oxygen…while some doom and gloom broadcaster paints a hopeless picture. “There is no vaccine for this” and “there is no cure, just treating the symptoms.” The enterovirus-D68 even has a scary name, right? What do parents really […]

Hanging my shingle~I’m for hire! IEP assistance for parents

hire a special education advocate

I have some exciting news! I didn’t mention it back in the spring, but now I am….A Day in our Shoes is now open as a Special Education Advocacy and Disabilities Consulting service business! Cool, huh? Several months ago I made the decision to leave the non-profit that I was working for and go out […]

Halloween printables~scarecrow, pumpkin, jack-o-lantern with list of skills and ideas

tree and bats and pumpkins

I just love this time of year. I would do fall and Halloween craft activities and recipes with my kids every day in September and October, if I could. I never get tired of it and I think it’s more fun than Christmas. I think Christmas is a lot of pressure on parents, Halloween is […]

Halloween crafts for kids~fine motor, colors, sensory and more!

fine motor sensory halloween crafts

Ever since I went to a conference session this summer on multi-sensory learning, I have been trying to incorporate as many senses as I can into an activity. Taste, touch, sounds, smell and sight–those five things, with the exception of taste, can be worked into almost any activity. It’s only normal as a parent, teacher […]

become a certified special education advocate

Don’t miss this opportunity to take the   2014-2015 NSEAI training   CLASS ATTENDANCE in Princeton, NJ Nationally available via LIVE WEBINAR   BE PREPARED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!   PROFESSIONAL ADVOCATES: Take Your Advocacy Skills to a Professional Level PARENTS: Become A Better Parent Advocate for Your Child     Don’t miss: 9/27/14   […]

the 2014 flu shot~where to find free flu shots + other deals and promotions

free flu shots 2014

It is flu shot season! Welcome to my annual post of where to find free or cheap flu shots, or where to find deals on flu shots for 2014. I got mine already because I had a few free hours to myself (I know, so exciting, I get a few hours alone and I go […]

fun, easy, multi-sensory Halloween activity~candy corn marshmallow pops

candy corn marshmallow pops

Holidays of any kind can be a love/hate thing, can’t they? For those of us moms who have kids who don’t care to partake in or even particularly enjoy typical holiday activities, it can be a downer. As my younger (NT) son reaches more and more milestones these past few months, I find myself repeating […]