{starts tomorrow} A Whole Lott More~movie about employment and people with disabilities

An inspiring look at employment and people with disabilities.

I was sent this information to pass along and I thought I’d share. It looks interesting and claims to be inspiring…and lately I’ve been needing some inspiration. I plan to watch streaming online after it airs, since I don’t have any of the channels that they mention. I also got to interview the director, here […]

Free codes for Leap Pad apps!

Click to see the Leap website.

Hi there and welcome to a very popular blog post–free codes for Leap Pads! Everyone loves free Leap apps and we love our Leap Pad and Leap Pad 2. The free Leap Pad app codes are below, but just wanted to let you know a few things. In addition to the codes for the free […]

ways to teach patriotism to your kids

I love sharing with my kids why I think America is great! Here are 10 ideas any family can do to get your kids feeling patriotic....beyond the July 4 holiday!

Patriot. It’s a word that gets tossed around a lot lately. And misused a lot, in my opinion. Yes, here in America you can publicly disagree with your leaders and your government. But, the mere act of doing so does not make you a patriot, in my opinion. That’s almost like saying just because I […]

*free* TenMarks math program~strengthen math skills~aligns with CCSS

tenmarks math

Updated 5/26/15: This program was free last summer, then they extended it into the fall. Now I see it is free again, so grab it while it’s available!   Your child can continue working on the assignments from the summer. You can also add more assignments to their playlist by simply following the instructions below. […]