25 great books about Valentine’s Day for kids

Here are 25 great books suggestions for your family, all with a Valentine's Day theme.

Happy Winter! I don’t know about you, but having kids has totally changed the way I approach holidays. Especially having a child with special needs, who needs more repetition, but all-inclusive learning, more sensory experiences. Pre-kids, for Valentine’s Day, I would get hubby a card, maybe a special dessert. Now we have decorations, books, special […]

children’s books for the less popular holidays

Some holidays get so much attention, and some don't...but here are some great books for your kids for the less popular holidays. Books for Presidents' Day, Mothers' Day, MLK day, and more. Pin now to reference later!

My kids have a ton of books. I don’t think it’s possible to have too many books, right? I usually support the book fairs and book sales at school plus I love to browse the Avon Grove Lions Book Barn in Avondale, and I always stock up when they have bag sales. Then comes Christmas […]

developing a blog strategy with BoardBooster and Pinterest

There are so many hours in a day! BoardBooster is a great tool for bloggers who want to schedule their pins. Very easy to set up and then you are DONE.

I can’t believe that I have been blogging for seven years. It doesn’t seem possible. What’s most amazing to me is how much the blogging world changes and how quickly it changes. People often ask me advice on starting a blog, and most of the time, my response is, “Don’t.” Seriously, if you want to […]

{breaking news!} PA Bureau of Autism services cancels the mini grant program

The PA Autism Mini Grant program has been canceled. Click this image for more information.

Have you heard the rumors? Did PA cancel the Autism Mini Grants? Yes, unfortunately they did! I just posted the other day about getting ready for these! Darnit! Here is the official release about the PA Bureau of Autism canceling or discontinuing the mini grant program for families. I can’t be mad though, if the […]