75 best apps for special education, special needs, speech and language, reading and writing, auditory processing disorder

We asked special education teachers, OTs and SLPs to recommend their favorite apps for autism, speech and language, reading and writing, auditory processing disorder, executive functioning and more. Here is their list.

Here you go, one of our most comprehensive lists ever! Happy Tech Tuesday! This list was passed along to me, it was created by some SLPs and OTs at one of the local schools. They created it because all the time parents were saying “Which apps are best for… speech and language….reading and writing….auditory processing […]

12 educational and learning websites for kids that are FREE!

List of 12 free and educational websites for kids of all ages. Some focus on reading, some math, some science. All are fun and kids will enjoy learning.

Even though the calendar says fall, some parts of the country are seeing winter snow already. And with cold winter weather, sometimes the kids are indoors more. It’s only natural that they’ll want to spend some time online….and they should be. We have to allow our kids access to technology or they will be behind […]

{Tech and Toy Tuesday} list of popular educational PBS apps for preschoolers

pbs kids apps

I got this list of fun and education apps for preschoolers. This is a list of apps related to popular PBS shows such as Wild Kratts, Caillou, WordGirl and more. We are definitely going to download the PBS Kids video and the Caillou one. I’ve often wondered “Is there a Caillou app?” and “are there […]

App-lying Yourself: How to Choose an App and Make Life Easier for yourself


Apps, like death and taxes, have become a constant of modern life. Just as smartphones and their cousins, tablets, are ubiquitous, so too are the apps that accompany them. This doesn’t always guarantee that an app you download will be either helpful or useful to you. There are ways that you can make technology work […]