30 best apps for kids with autism~social skills, emotions, sequencing, language, ABA and more

list of 30 great apps for kids with autism or related disabilities; includes turn taking, sequencing, social skills, emotions, language and more.

As we are growing with the field of technology, we are realizing more and more that our children are benefiting from the use of these new and innovative tools that are being marketed. Even with some of the basic (but crucial) skill development for children with Autism, the i-Pad can be a fantastic tool in […]

Valuable Lessons for children on the Digital Playground (in an app!)

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Young kids want to text. Parents want to keep them safe. Until recently, think of the young kids’ “digital playground” as mobile messaging without a hall monitor. Young kids are more digitally savvy than ever. In fact, one survey reported that 52% of kids spend SIX hours a day online.* Parents struggle to keep up […]

It’s official-download your free special needs Android app!

A Day in our Shoes, one of the best special needs parenting websites you can find. Now, it comes with a free special needs Android app. Get it now!

It is official, it’s a secret I’ve been sitting on for a while…there is now an A Day in our Shoes app for Android. And…it’s a free special needs app. Once you download it, you will see that it works very similarly to the website. For now, that is how I wanted it. I am […]

75 best apps for special education, special needs, speech and language, reading and writing, auditory processing disorder

We asked special education teachers, OTs and SLPs to recommend their favorite apps for autism, speech and language, reading and writing, auditory processing disorder, executive functioning and more. Here is their list.

Here you go, one of our most comprehensive lists ever! Happy Tech Tuesday! This list was passed along to me, it was created by some SLPs and OTs at one of the local schools. They created it because all the time parents were saying “Which apps are best for… speech and language….reading and writing….auditory processing […]