6 other ideas that Ted Cruz could make the center of his campaign

Ted Cruz has said that he will make same sex marriage a pivotal issue in his campaign. I have 6 better ideas.

Last week was a pretty big week for America. A pivotal moment. A week that will go down in history. Same sex marriage. The confederate flag and ACA. Whew! (side note: I’m certainly pleased with all of these, but we MUST NOT get complacent–you all still need to go to the polls!) But as a […]

{2nd in guest contributor series} my nest is supposed to empty! a mom in Iowa shares her story


A mom in Iowa wanted to share her situation and story. It highlights why it is so important to become politically active and call your legislators about funding adult programs and waivers. Mom is also a provider of Supported Community Living services for individuals with special needs. Our issues now are getting services for our […]

the proposed PA budget and disabilities and education-call your legislators!

It's another call to action alert, please read and act!

I’m mildly annoyed today. I mean, it’s summer, it’s a holiday week….we should be able to take a break, right? Our legislators want to take a break. But they haven’t really earned it. What they have done over the weekend is junk. I’m talking about the budget. Technically our state has a budget deadline of […]

PA parents~tell your legislators to oppose SB 6

It's another call to action alert, please read and act!

Summer (at least before August break) is typically a busy time in legislature. They are trying to get things passed and done before they go on summer break. So, that is why there have been so many calls to action and other pleas on this blog in the past few weeks. And here is another, […]