{Ask an Advocate} already has dyslexia diagnosis, why more evals?

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Today’s question is from Kansas: i brought a diagnosis of dyslexia from a children’s hospital I paid for on my own to my 5th grade sons school. They never had anyone do this before and said they would have to have a meeting to see if he can get “tested” to see if he qualifies […]

A reminder to get your kids to buckle up~and you could win $100 from Amazon!

Check out these tips on seatbelt safety for tweens and you could win $100 from Amazon!

For as much as I long for my boys to enjoy some of the parenting and upbringing of the 1970s that I grew up in, one area I do not care to revisit is car safety, car seats and seatbelts. It’s really pretty crazy when you think of what our parents allowed us to do, […]

new trend~coloring books for adults + where to find free printable adult coloring pages

What moms have known for years--that coloring is fun! Now coloring books is a trend for adults. Plus where to find free coloring pages.

Have you heard of this new trend? It’s what moms have known for generations…coloring is fun! But last week it made international news when some adult coloring books made the Amazon top seller list. Kids love coloring and it’s easy to see why. It’s calming and peaceful. And now researchers are finding some therapeutic benefits […]

rethinking age appropriate activities and kids with autism and other developmental disabilities

Why is it ok for an adult to be a Disney fanatic and visit several times a year, or a grown man to dress up and go to Comic Con, but a child with autism with a doll gets everyone's knickers in a twist?

This is an issue that has been on my mind a lot lately. My son will be 9 this summer, and as I’ve posted many times, he just loves all things Sesame Street. At a very early age (between 6-12 months) he showed a strong preference to all things Elmo, which of course is normal […]