Healthy Halloween Treats {great list for school and other gatherings!}

healthy halloween treats

Normally, I am against ideas like this. No, it’s not that I am against healthy eating, but if you’re going to celebrate Halloween…I want to CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN. And that includes all the sugary and chocolate goodness. If I’m going to splurge, I want to splurge for real. But, more and more schools are not allowing […]

{Motivation Monday} Do unto others…..

do unto others

This post evolved out of a Facebook conversation that I was in with a few friends, mostly parents to children of disabilities. It started like this–Mom took her kids to a store. This particular mom has adopted kids who are not her same race and who have disabilities, so her guard is often up. Understandably […]

Weekly listing of free or frugal fun family activities~weekend of September 12

free family fun

Every week I publish a list of free or low-cost activities for your family. At the very least, every activity has a discount code or coupon available. Keeping the kids busy and entertained is hard, doing it on a budget is even harder. So here you go, here is this week’s list. I usually start […]

{Friday Food} review of SodaStream Play and Popcorn, Indiana


Welcome to another Friday Food post. In the spirit of being more lighthearted and fun on Fridays, I’m bringing either fun food products or recipes to you each Friday. Today, I’m sharing with you two products I got to try recently–the SodaStream Play and Popcorn, Indiana. We don’t drink a lot of soda in our […]

Enterovirus D68-What parents need to know about symptoms and treatment

enterovirus d68 symptoms

It’s been all over the news, right? Pictures of children and babies in the hospital, hooked up to oxygen…while some doom and gloom broadcaster paints a hopeless picture. “There is no vaccine for this” and “there is no cure, just treating the symptoms.” The enterovirus-D68 even has a scary name, right? What do parents really […]

ABC Family~13 Nights of Halloween TV Schedule

abc family 13 nights of halloween

For several years, my family and I have been enjoying the ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas schedule. Now, they’ve come up with the 13 Nights of Halloween and here is the schedule. Looks like a really great list of funny and scary Halloween shows and Halloween movies. If you cannot see it when it’s […]