What do I do if I suspect my young child has autism?

red flag warning signs of autism

For the purposes of this essay, we’re going to be talking about young children, age 5 and under. Perhaps your child isn’t talking yet, or lost some speech, or is just a bit quirky and you’re wondering what to do. I have been asked this several times by friends and via email. First, here is […]

Family Vacations in Dubai – A Short Guide

tallest building dubai vacation

So, thinking about a family vacation overseas? Going to Dubai with children might not seem like the most obvious choice at first, considering its reputation as an exotic playground for millionaires. However, it actually has numerous attractions for the entire family and it does have budget-friendly options, making it a great destination for you and […]

Common parent mistakes during the IEP process

iep process parent mistakes

Going through the IEP process is emotional, it can be frustrating and it can be confusing. But read the following tips to help center yourself and take some of the stress out of the process. This is a list of common mistakes parents make, don’t make the same mistake twice! Not understanding that if you […]

Don’t just survive~thrive at your next IEP meeting

iep meeting tips

We all dread IEP meetings, don’t we? When I tell people that I actually attend IEP meetings for a living, they think I’m crazy. Many have compared it to dental work without pain relief. But if you change your point of view, you can change the experience and the outcome. I no longer dread my […]

Six Family-Oriented Applications to Keep Family Together while Enjoying Free Time

chore hero

When we say family, it’s like sticking together no matter what. In this time of ours where technology seems to keep family apart, it’s a good thing that some applications and software developers are able to appreciate what a family is and come up with family-oriented apps for smartphones and other digital devices. Here are […]