Doctor On Demand~get a doctor visit at home via an app + free code!

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We knew technology would get to this point, right? Sometimes I wish that my grandmother was alive to seem some of this stuff. She saw the internet and was amazed, but that was long before portable devices and apps and stuff like this…amazing! This has so much potential. Maybe you are stuck at home due […]

Join us at the National Archives~in person or virtually! #ArchivesSleepover

The National Archives hosts fun, family sleepovers if your kids are 8-12. Follow along online or get tickets so that you too can sleep right next to the Declaration of Independence!

This is the weekend that my son and I are going to the National Archives for the sleepover. I’m excited and nervous. I always get nervous before travel with him, but I’m sure we’ll be fine. If you would like to go, they are currently taking reservations for their next event in July. You can […]

{recipe} Bananas Foster cake

If you love Bananas Foster, you will love this Bananas Foster Cake. Not that hard to make and it's a great way to serve an old favorite in a new format.

This cake is seriously the main reason for my holiday weight gain. I found some recipes to modify and perfect, and in doing, I’ve made and eaten three cakes. Nothing will make you go up two sizes faster than eating three cakes. Bananas Foster is my all time favorite dessert, even more than any chocolate […]

Share your safety concerns with #MasterLockProtects and $1 gets donated to the American Red Cross.

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In a previous life, I was a volunteer and employee (at different times) for various chapters of the American Red Cross. It started because in high school and college I was a certified lifeguard and swim instructor, certified by the American Red Cross. From there, I moved up to being an Instructor Trainer (meaning that […]