{TGIF} Fun Friday Blog Giveaway Linkup~weekend of October 24

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Happy Friday! I have several great giveaways going on this week. I have a great Holiday Prize package from Laurie Berkner and a KitchenAid Mixer! That would be fun to win, huh?   Exciting news this week! We have had some changes in the blogs who help host this giveaway. We’ve revamped with two new [...]

Aplicación de estrategias de funcionamiento ejecutivo en el IEP

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Funcionamiento Ejecutivo parece ser uno de los problemas más comunes que enfrentan los estudiantes con discapacidades y una dificultad común, incluso con los adultos en la sociedad actual. Sin embargo, parece que hay muy poca comprensión de la función ejecutiva entre los maestros o cómo proporcionar estrategias funcionales en el aula. Esto es lo que [...]

Buzzwords: Executive Functioning

Executive functioning strategies in an IEP are essential if a child struggles in this area. With assistance, it will permeate all other areas of their schoolwork. Here are some tips for implementing executive functioning strategies in an IEP or special education.

Recently I was talking with a mom about her child’s skill sets, and mentioned a lack of executive functioning skills. She said “I keep hearing that term………what is that exactly?” Ok, here it is, Executive Functioning 101. After I explain what it is and give you some examples, I’ll explain why it’s such a big [...]

celebrate mini milestones with Netflix

Instructions on how to make a memory box for your child.

I’m pretty particular about how much screen time my kids get and what kind of screen time they are getting. I mostly keep them to PBS shows and a few others. Over and over again, I am surprised at how much my 5-year-old actually learns from the shows on PBS. He can tell me all [...]

{Ask an Advocate} school claiming “computer problems”

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Today’s question comes to us from a parent of an 11-year-old, will call him RK. Can a school not report out and claim a “computer problem” is the cause? The reporting out is now a few weeks overdue. The interesting piece is that the school is claiming it’s a district wide problem, but others at [...]