Four Reasons to Set Personal Challenges

Getting caught up with daily routine of life is something that everyone can relate to. Finding a comfort zone and sticking with what is known is one method that assures a degree of regularity in everyone’s lives. However, setting personal challenges and taking on different tasks can have powerful rewards. While mountain climbing like business […]

Deal Hunting Websites Make Saving Money Easy

It is no real surprise that the internet has changed the way people do any number of tasks. Shopping and saving money are two of the most popular, but staying on top of the various online deals can challenge even the most frugal of consumers. By using a combination of social media, mailing lists, and […]

22 light play activities for older children

light play activities for older children

Light play activities are popular for all ages, younger and older children. But take a look around on the internet and it often seems like most of the light play activities are for toddlers and preschoolers, not older children. Mind you, if a child enjoys an activity, I say let them enjoy it. I think […]

iTunes cards now 15% off at Lowes + win an Amazon gift card

itunes gift card

I buy a whole slew of gifts and cards for my son’s team twice a year–the holidays and the first week of May (teacher appreciation day/week). I have purchased Amazon gift cards, iTunes and a bunch of others. This year, we were in Orlando the first week of May, so I was a slacker and […]