Join us for the 365-days of Light Play Challenge!

Join us for the 365 days of Light Play Challenge! Don't be overwhelmed, just do the best you can. Come sign up!

I was invited by another blogger to participate and help host the 2015 Light Play Challenge! I thought it would be fun for me and of course, fun and educational for my son(s). Actually, my child without disabilities sometimes enjoys light play more than his brother. So what is the 2015 Light Play Challenge? Every [...]

list of Special Needs and Sensory Friendly Santas~2014

special needs santa

It has become more common to host special Santa events for our kids, and I’m glad! Standing in line for hours on end, in a crowded, noisy place…it can be a recipe for disaster. Add in a guy in a funny suit, and in some families it may become the least-looked-forward-to tradition. We’ve been attending [...]

Don’t just survive, THRIVE this holiday season…special needs style!

Every household, special needs or not, will find this great list useful. It has teacher gift ideas, a FREE printable shopping organizer, travel tips, easy crafts for special needs, autism apps....everything you need for your holiday season!

Do you remember your first special needs Christmas season? I do, and I must say that the reasons I remember it are not all positive. That’s one thing I love about progress….I love looking back almost a decade and seeing how far we have come as a family. Now I can honestly say I eagerly [...]

stocking stuffer ideas for kids with special needs

Kids with autism and other special needs love lots of regular kid stuff...but sometimes with just a little extra thought and effort, you can get something special.

The holiday shopping season is here! And navigating the special needs world during the holiday season can be a bit more challenging. Most of the time our kids are more alike than different, and quite often they enjoy all the same things as typical kids do. But if your child or teen has autism or [...]