Freebie Friday! 5 fun freebies for families posted every Friday!

5 new family freebies are added to this list every Friday, and I always try to include one special needs freebie.

Welcome to Friday Fun Family Freebies! How much alliteration can I fit into one sentence? I used to do this feature several years ago and it’s coming back by popular demand. It’s fun to get free stuff, right? So here are some free things I found for you and your family. I try my best […]

2015~area fireworks~Chester County, Delaware, Philadelphia

Where you can find fireworks all summer long, if you live near Philadelphia, Chester County or northern Delaware.

Happy unofficial start to Summer! I know it’s waaayyyy early to be talking about July 4 fireworks, but some municipalities do them as early for Memorial Day weekend. So, I didn’t want any to miss them this year, so here is your list of 2015 fireworks for some of the towns in Philadelphia, Chester County […]

the SWASH clothing system at Best Buy~life changing and money saving laundry solutions!


Omigosh, this is one of those things that I see and just covet. Dry cleaning and laundering is getting to be so expensive. I don’t know about you, but it is impossible to find $0.99 shirt deals anymore. And my husband’s clothing is all in a size that’s hard to find (he’s very tall but […]

Family~it’s what you make it

grace and frankie

My youngest son is finishing his year of kindergarten, his first year of school. He had been in preschool, but preschool is still a pretty “climate controlled” environment. For the first time, he is really being exposed to the general public and is much more cognizant of others around him, and how they are the […]